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Go Set A Watchman is no To Kill A Mockingbird, its not a sequel (even though it can be read like one mistakenly), and it’s obviously a early version of a story that needs some work. The focus is on Scout visiting home from New York after segregation has been deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Jean Louise realizes her father and her love interest are racists and it shatters her image of her father and her town. Some plot points lead no where, there are long speeches that are confusing, and frankly there are just some characters and events I don’t care about. There is a good moral story, stand up for your beliefs and don’t runaway from a challenge.

I believe Go Set a Watchman will become a footnote in literary history. It won’t become a classic that is taught in school like To Kill A Mockingbird is and there really is no comparing the two. Watchman can stand on its own as a decent book, but clearly it led to a better formed book and does not take anything away from Mockingbird. It can easily be seen as a sequel with the thinking that Mockingbird is from Scout’s perspective as a child and then as an adult in Watchman she finds out about the real Atticus, but this is wrong. They are not the same characters and its not the same story. The book is enjoyable on its own, it has its faults, but overall its a good story. 3.5/5