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To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee

 I decided to reread To Kill A Mockingbird to prepare for Go Set A Watchman, making this my fourth time reading it, and I love it more than ever. It’s a classic for a reason and teaches an important lesson that still needs to be taught today. The first time I read it I didn’t finish it. I was in high school, I didn’t care for reading and the teacher didn’t talk about what we were reading. I read it on my own in college and loved it. The characters are well defined, Scout and Jem are children and naive while these events are going on, they don’t understand everything, but notice when people are hypocrites or when they feel something isn’t right. The go to each other, Calpurnia or their father when they notice these things. Calpurnia is raising them right by teaching them how to treat all people. Atticus is wise and stands up for what he believes in, I know his character seems unrealistic, but I hope there were people really like him in the south during that time. The other characters are just as well written as the main characters, you understand where everyone is coming from and why they do what they do. The plot all comes together nicely from Tom Robinson to Boo Radley. The book takes on people’s judgements on others being completely wrong and harmful. Boo Radley was feared because people didn’t understand him or why he stayed shut in, yet he saved Jem and Scout. Tom Robinson was killed because he was black and even though the Ewell’s were proved to be lying, he was found guilty since he was black and the Ewells were white and because Tom knew he didn’t have a chance in the white court system he tried to escape and was killed. It’s a lesson that stands the test of time, in an unfortunate way, we still have problems with racism and misconceptions about people who are different than ourselves. It’s kind of sad To Kill A Mockingbird is still so relevant.