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Orwell's Revenge: The 1984 Palimpsest - Peter W. Huber

I am so disappointed in Orwell’s Revenge. I read this book for A Year of Books, I was looking forward to it and had to wait to read it until new copies of it were made, sadly not worth the wait or anticipation. It’s part sequel to 1984 and part analyzing of George Orwell’s views. Apparently Orwell had varying opinions about socialism and capitalism. Peter Huber used this book to point out Orwell’s difference of stated views at various time and how they contradicted 1984. He also goes on to argue that 1984 could never happen using his sequel to 1984 and commentary. It sounds interesting, but it wasn’t. It was repetitive and kept making the same argument over and over again. He also used modern (1990′s modern…) facts to prove his point, while Orwell wrote 1984 in ‘48 so arguing with these new facts is beyond pointless. He’s literally arguing with a dead guy and it’s so messy. The reason this annoyed me is that you can challenge someones views in sound way, but the way Peter Huber keeps drilling the same point and building up straw men arguments annoyed me.