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The Rape Of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust Of World War II - William C. Kirby, Iris Chang

The Rape of Nanking is a hard book to read. Its unsettling at times and just makes you hate people. Most of us Americans probably never heard about the Nanking Massacre when we learned about WWII, I remember vaguely learning Japan was invading China, but that was it. What the Japanese did to the Chinese is Nanking is horrific, it goes beyond war and there just no justifying it. The Japanese killed hundreds of thousands Chinese civilians in degrading and torturous ways within a matter of a few days. They raped thousands of women and mutilated their genitals, forced family members to watch and participate, and killed everyone once they were done. Iris Chang explains from 3 angles how the massacre happened, from the Japanese government side, the Chinese government and civilians and Western foreigners who stayed to document and help create a safety zone. She also shows how this event was handled immediately after and then how it was white washed away to the point many Japanese deny it ever happened despite photo proof. The Rape of Nanking is very well written, but I felt it didn’t go deep enough into it. It’s a good starting point and it’s goes full circle from cause, event, lasting effect.