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Finders Keepers is a great sequel to Mr. Mercedes and it has me dying for the final installment.

Morris Bellamy is obsessed with the writer of his favorite series Jimmy Gold by John Rothstein. Jimmy Gold is the face of teen angst, but in the final book he gets a job in marketing, this upsets Morris because his idol sold out. John Rothstein becomes a bit of a recluse and stops publishing any new work, he continues to write short stories and even more Jimmy Gold books over the years, but its for his eyes only and they are to be burned when he dies. Morris isn’t having that and brings 2 accomplices to rob John, he kills John and his two accomplices, he has the notebooks and a nice stack of cash. Morris goes to his friend Andy Halliday to tell him he has the notebooks, but Andy is freaked out because the news broke John Rothstein was murdered and tell Morris to keep him out of it and the cops will find out about him in a matter of time. Morris is outraged by this, he hides the notebooks in a field behind his house in a trunk and goes out drinking, he commits another crime and is punished for it, he gets life in prison without having a chance to read the notebooks in 1978.

In present time, Pete Saunders is a child of one of the Mr. Mercedes victims and his family is going through a hard time, his dad can’t work, his mom had to take a job with less pay and less hours and it is causing tension between his parents. Pete finds the trunk with the money and notebooks in the field that is behind the house he lives in, Morris’ old house. He sends the money to his parents anomalously over the next few years and he reads the notebooks and becomes a fan of the Jimmy Gold series. When the money runs out and the family financials are still too tight and his sister wants to go to private school, he finds out how to go about selling one of the stolen notebooks, he finds Andy Halliday, who is more than willing to take them and knows that Pete is shafting him, Morris said there were more than what is being presented to him.

Little do they know, Morris is out on parole and when he goes to find the notebooks he’s been dreaming about all this time in prison, he discovers they are missing. The only person who knew about them was his buddy Andy and that is the first person he goes to see about his missing notebooks.Tina, Pete’s sister, senses something is going on with Pete and knows he’s the one who gave the money. She gets in contact with Bill Hodge to find out what is troubling her brother.

The story is great, it didn’t go in the direction that I kept expecting and I’m glad it didn’t, the plot was more interesting the way it was written. I would of liked more of the story to involve Bill, since this is his series after all, but when he is finally introduced into the plot it works. Mr. Mercedes even makes an appearance throughout the second half of the book and sets up what the third and final book will focus on. The characters of Morris and Pete were well written with good background given, more so with Pete. As a reader you can relate to their love of a series and a particular author, just one of them takes it way too far. I am worried that Finders Keepers will be the weak link in the series, a filler even, I hope there will be a connection with the characters in this story and the final book.