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  Not bad and kept me reading. Paul O’Rourke is a mess. To Rise Again at a Decent Hour focuses on the world, society, religion and baseball. Paul wants to fit in the world but he can’t understand it. Basically Paul avoids having an internet presence and only uses it to check up on the Red Sox until someone makes a website for his dental practice and post about religion. He is pissed and wants to know why this is happening and by who, which he does find out, he is an Ulm. Most of the book focuses on what an Ulm is, his connection, whether or not it is a hoax and just him getting sucked more and more into it.This isn’t the first time he tried to find a place, he dated an employee of his and fell in love with Judaism. He loved the customs, the history and the sense of family, but he’s an atheist. Paul doesn’t understand why someone born into Judaism can be an atheist and a Jew, but not him (become a Jew while being atheist). He’s spending more time corresponding with people posting under his identity being consumed by it and people become concern over the statements his fake online self are saying. He just wants to figure out if there is any truth to what he is being told about the Ulms and himself.

This book makes you think about religion vs family/tradition while being humorous. For a book about society, religion, doubt, and faith it’s not preachy or favoring one opinion over the other. It is respectful. It’s also not a heavy read, its light and the plot moves along well, but it is still complex. I did feel like there was something missing towards the end, it gets jumbled up. It was going in all kinds of directions and circling around a message that wasn’t fully formed.