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Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James 1.5 stars. I didn't like but it was better than expected, kind of. For a book about a BDSM, Sub/Dom relationship the sex scenes were very boring and repetitive. Let's be real thats the main appeal to this book and they were just awful and boring. This entire book went back and forth about their relationship and the terms and several times it seems like they figured it out only for it to out of the blue Ana has some new crazy bitch thoughts. The reason why this book was slightly better than I expected is because of the writing, although boring, dull and repetitive you can tell she grabbed a thesaurus and referenced other books, and at first the plot seemed interesting but mid way through they are still conflicted about the same shit as in the beginning it got old. I get Ana is a virgin but does she have to be so innocent, has she never seen porn, had a tingle in her vag before? Then on a the opposite how does someone who in the book has fucked a bunch of girls and has done BDSM for years be shocked when she says things Christian wants to hear over and over again. Their relationship is creepy and not sexy at all. I get he's suppose to be "50 shades of fucked up" but since when is it considered hot to be a stalker boyfriend with hot and cold mood swings. I feel sorry for the women who get off to this shitty book, they must have a very "vanilla" sex life that they are unsatisfied yet I bet none of them would ever consider doing this mild version of BDSM.