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The Glass Menagerie - Tennessee Williams I love this play, but I hate it because I was that painfully shy girl who lived in her own world and it just felt like I was reading about myself that existed a few years ago, luckily I'm not like that anymore. The characters were great for the story Amanda, Laura and Tom don't seem like people who would come from the same family, but then you see how they interact and see why there is tension. The thing that I didn't like was how over the top descriptive Williams made it, sure it's great for visualizations and understanding the characters, but I would much rather learned about the characters by reading their dialog and actions instead of being told in the beginning who was who and everything about their personality. With that said, I am surprised how there are things that can be interpreted differently by people, usually when the characters are pinned down with straight forward descriptions, there isn't much wiggle room for thought on the plot. Whether or not Tom was selfish, I thought for sure, Williams would either make it clear which way he was, but left it open.