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Room - Emma Donoghue When I heard how Room is narrated by a 5 year old boy, I first thought it was going to get annoying and be very basic, but surprisingly it was well written and didn't break character. Yes, its from a 5 year olds perspective, but you still learn a lot about his Ma and what happened to her, as well as have a connection with Jack and understand his thought process in something most people have never experienced. You learn so much background and setting not by being told directly when it happened and how the Room looks, but by Jack and Ma just having normal conversations and Jacks thoughts. My only negative about this novel is Emma Donogue's attempt to trash todays society is done through Jack and his observations about the outside and how parents don't care about their kids or spend time with them, the wording and what was being said didn't sound like something a 5 year old, no matter how smart, would ever notice at that age. Overall this is a great read and makes you think what kids really notice and think about their world.