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The Bitch Posse - Martha O'Connor I found The Bitch Posse to be very interesting and I couldn't read it fast enough, at first anyways. To me it's a mixture of 3 very distinct books/movies. The main two being a mixture of the movie Thirteen and the book/movie Divine Secrets of the Yaya Sisterhood, the teenage mentality of doing fucked up things while being apart of a group game it this feel. The other is a bit more of a reach, but it's The Time Traveler's Wife, not only does the book alternated between each character and being set in 1988 to 2003, but Bitch Posse is also set in the midwest (near Chicago) and they loved the same music the two main characters did in The Time Traveler's wife, when I read the Violent Femmes part it was just a strong feeling that reminded me of Time Traverls's. With these three mixes of books/movies that I loved I thought the Bitch Posse was very engrossing as well, but I was so disappointed with the ending, not because it was obvious or something I didn't expect/like, but it just felt so sloppy and slapped together. The first half of the book is amazing and it builds up to all these different things and as you are going into the climax it just falls short completely. I can even pinpoint the exact moment I felt the shift (Amy going to Cali) and it just continued to get worse and worse. Amy and Wrens meet up was so short and pointless feeling and not in a that's how it's suppose to feel because that's what it was, no, it was too much was left out and was a "yada yada" moment. It continued to get worse with what you finally found out what happened at Porters Place, left me feeling like I had wasted my time and that "this is what I wanted to know?" and finally Cherry's ending was just bad and short again. I'm still going to recommend the book because the beginning is great and if you don't get your hopes up too much the ending isn't so bad, just go in knowing it's not going to be as good as the first half.