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Under the Dome - Stephen King I am not sure how I feel about this book, a large part of me loves it but there is some disappointment. When I started it I felt overwhelmed with all the different characters and the events that were happening so fast. I'm glad I pushed through that because mid-way through the book I was hooked by a very captivating plot that focused on the power struggle, drugs and a few supernatural themes. The characters at first seemed very one dimensional, you have your good guys and your bad, but there were little things that made them have more depth. The ending wasn't bad, it isn't what I expected (not in a clever way either, just random). I wouldn't go as far as saying I'm disappointed with the ending, it just felt like a ending to a completely different book that what I was reading. I feel like more could of been done with the ending and other factors in the plot, but overall a pretty good book and definitely worth reading.