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Trainspotting - Irvine Welsh, Eric Lindor Fall I've been wanting to read Trainspotting for years and I finally did it! It wasn't easy at first, the Scottish and junkie slang was slowing me down a lot, but you do get use to it. The book is about junkies and friends of junkies in Scotland. The shot story structure takes awhile to get use to as well. Yes the stories mostly focus on the main group, Renton, Sick Boy, Spud, and Begbie, and its mostly about their need for heroin or their life in Scotland, but the stories jump around and your don't get a full scope of what happened between them. While it annoyed me a lot at first because it felt like what the fuck is going on and whats the point of the book when it didn't feel like there was much development, just random shit going on. The more you get into the book though, it feels like each chapter is more of a snapshot of the dynamics of junkies and their friends and the final chapter really drives the point home of drugs > friends and maybe its where you live and who you are friends with that caused it to be drugs > friends.

*Edit 03/11/2014: After watching the movie I feel maybe I misread the ending? I thought for sure after reading the book Renton was stealing the money not only to get away from his friends but to buy drugs with it, he was using again at the time and even though he was hopeful about starting a new life it felt like most of that money was going to be spent on heroin still. In the movie though it pretty much concluded Renton is getting his shit together and joining the regular people of life. Either way both the movie and book are great and I feel they compliment each other well rather than one being better than the other.