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Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins Catching Fire was surprisingly better than The Hunger Games for me. I liked the plot a lot more and the writing style wasn't as annoying, maybe I'm getting use to it. What I still dislike about this series so far is Katniss' character, the extent her being naive is ridiculously unrealistic. I would of loved to see the book once again go in a different way from how it was building up from the 1st half then it goes back to basically being like the first book. What was enjoyable about it was the other stuff going on that didn't really involve Katniss, and that was the uprisings going on. I get that she is the face of them but she really has very little to do with them and complains about her role and such small stuff while huge things are going on. I liked the ending, it was quick though but it does make me look forward to reading the next book.