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The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini Going into The Kite Runner, I had no clue what it was going to be about whatsoever. I heard a few times it was a really good book and a quick read. Those rumors held true. I loved the book. The first part of the book focuses on Amir and the rest of the characters in his childhood and the disturbing event that defined his life. The 2nd part focused on his life in America and finally the 3rd part his chance at redemption. Each character had a good depth and I felt I had a understanding of each one and knew who they were. I liked the beginning of the novel the most. I felt that part did a good job laying down the background for the rest of the book so I had a emotional connection with what I was reading. In the beginning of the novel I remember thinking Baba was Hassan's father but I ignored it because everyone could tell he was Hazara, so when it was revealed later on it was still shocking. The disturbing scene was done in a way that made it haunting but not over the top, which is good because it's creepy if its in such detail. I would of liked to of read more detail in the 2nd part after Hassan and Ali left, because it seemed like Amir and Baba got closer but we didn't really see how, just when they were in America they were already closer. The 3rd part was hard to read at times and parts annoyed me. I liked that it was revealed Baba was Hassan's father, I even liked how Rahim set up Amir into taking Sohrab. I didn't like how Assef was the same abuser, seemed a little too neatly done I guess and caused an eye roll. Since it was him I wanted to know if he knew Sohrab was Hassan's son. I know a lot of people didn't like how the end was with more tragic stuff happening on top of already tragic events, but I thought when Sohrab tried to take his own life after being promised to come to America to finding out maybe not yet was a intense scene, especially when he was tired of life after the attempt. That chapter got to me bad, and I think it was reasonable and accpeted that he was silent for a year even in America. The last chapter was great though, not a sappy ending but a ending that left on a positive note while also being in the right tone of the book, finally Amir is resolved and is connecting with Sohrab.