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The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky When I first started The Perks of Being a Wallflower I didn't expect to like it. It's about people in high school and the turmoil of emotions they go though, been there done that, I've moved on. I ended up really enjoying the book because even though I have passed that age I can still remember what it was like from reading the book. I felt I was a lot like Charlie, a lurker/observer watching everyone else live life in high school. I felt Charlie was overly naive but I will give the writer the benefit of a doubt and assume it's a different time period and a different person, maybe some kids were that naive. I liked that the book was written in forms of letters, made it more personal, but it also included actual dialogue so it was a good mixture. I felt I had a good sense of Patrick and Sam from the way Charlie described them and his emotions towards them. The character the reader gets to know the best is of course Charlie. I normally don't like when authors describe their characters by listing what kind of music and books he likes, but it works for The Perks of Being a Wallflower because many teenagers feel that is what defines them. I liked how the beginning of the book did wrap into the end, it made it more of a story because before that happened there didn't really seem to be much of a plot other than seeing Charlie's world from his perspective for a year. With that said I wished that played a bigger role because it wasn't a big part of the plot that popped up here and there and "explains" why Charlie was a wallflower who didn't participate. I did feel that the book tried to be a little too deep with a message. Overall a good book and a fast read that I feel like many people will enjoy even if they aren't high school aged because everyone remembers those times, whether or not you were a wallflower back then there is still something relatable to it. I'm surprised this was turn into a movie, I don't know how well it will transfer over but I do look forward to seeing it.