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The Glass Castle - Jeannette Walls When I started The Glass Castle I couldn't put it down, it was nothing like I read before and it was something I could relate to (to an extent). I understand this is a memoir and not a novel where plots and characters can be changed, nor would I want that. I liked the family and I especially liked that Jeannette was able to channel how she felt when she was a kid, I do wish she would of focused more on feelings especially in her teen years rather than focus on events that were kinda already told earlier in the book. I felt most of part 3 was just part 2 but in a different stable city. I wish there was more about her fear of people finding out about her past and her new life when she grew up because without it all this book really is is a timeline of her life based on similar events that continue to repeat over and over again without a strong sense of what was going on in Jeanette's head other than we kinda get small snippets of what she thinks and how it has changed over time but it wasn't nearly enough.