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World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War - Max Brooks World War Z started off really great, talked about why the dead were coming back to life, showed the slow progression of the infected areas and how countries and people were reacting to it and then that is it. Mid way through the rest of the book is just random stories that happened during the war. I didn't like that. There wasn't a sense of time with the stories after the first few chapters, it became all one big unidentified blur of time, could not tell if it was towards the height of the infected or towards the end. There were maybe a few parts where you could tell things were shifting, the president wanting to give hope to the future by going on the offense, more military sections, but then it would throw in random shit that wasn't fitting the flow of the book at all and would make it seem so random. I wished the book was more of a mock text book where you have the big events the government and military do noted and defined while still including the civilian stuff but not as much or dramatic. I have no idea how this was turned into a movie, I'll definitely go see it eventually.