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Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope - Alan Dean Foster, George Lucas Some background, I never seen the Star War movies but I've heard tidbits over the years on what they were about and some of the big things that happen in them as well about characters. With that in mind I thought I would read the original trilogy before watching the movies, especially when I saw Barnes & Noble's leather-bound version. I was surprised how short each story was, but especially A New Hope. How is this a movie that started a cult following a huge fandom? This should be like a 30 minute episode of some tv show. It moves at a snails pace yet things are happening that start off this huge battle and Luke gets pulled in by fucking chance. Out of the three I read I disliked A New Hope the most. I'm glad I read it though to get into the other 2 but wow was it painful to get through. Not enough detail, too coincidental.