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Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn I have mixed emotions about Gone Girl. Warning, there will be spoilers. Before deciding to buy the book I read how people either really loved it or really hated, didn't see anything with pros and cons, just either or. The book kept popping up randomly for me so it was like alright I'll read it. I hated it in the beginning. New York couple that are the stereotype of a new york couple, Amy an annoying I'm a modern woman who is above all the regular wifey shit got on my damn nerves (this was before I knew...) Nick, a writer. Better get ready for the cliches and annoying similes and metaphors (THERE WERE TONS). And of course many red herrings and constant stream of characters being accused of doing something to Amy. I must say this was getting old, i wasn't even half way through the book and I was dreading the next half if it was going to be more of the same. I didn't particularly like any of the characters or give a shit what happened to them. It all changed when part 2 began. The Amy the reader got to know in the first part was a fake! Thank god right? No one can be that annoying and stupid about relationships. I still can't tell if the author was so good that he made fake diary Amy kinda off and strange, or he was so bad at trying to make her likable. My mind was blown. Sure I thought there was a good chance to she ran off on her own and made it look like someone took her (I'll admit, I didn't think she was framing Nick, I didn't think twice to doubt their version of the weirdos in her life in the past, I was expecting the killer to be Nick's father, clearly wasn't Nick even though the fake diary when it seemed real would point otherwise), but to actually frame him. This sparked my interest. This had me reading the book for hours straight. Sadly though, this part of the story also got drawn out too long. Everything that can go wrong went wrong for Nick's public image and plan on going to the cops. It always does when a author writes out the plan of the characters, something will go wrong where the plan can't happen. Fine. I liked how Nick tricked Amy, I like how the author was able to explain why Amy would fall for that, because in her mind who wouldn't want her. I absolutely hated and despise part 3. Amy comes back and tries to act like it was all coincidental at first? Nick lets go of his plan when he first sees her and confronts her even though she still has him by the balls? What the fuck? After everything that goes down, he actually forgets what she has done at times and falls in love with her again because they act like they are in love. She is so good that the police can't find any misstep, what about the obvious one that Nick mentioned at the station? How did she stab Desi if she was tied up? Such a sloppy ending to have only a few people question Amy's story and not connect all the coincidences at least to wonder why so many. The most annoying thing though is Nick's final attempt at a fuck you and freedom is a wash all because she has a hunch on what he is doing and happened to save sperm from him years ago before she even started this plan. Right.

I still enjoyed the book and it was a good read, it could of been better I was hoping for a much better ending than the one we got.