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The Silver Linings Playbook - Matthew Quick I was pretty disappointed by The Silver Linings Playbook. Like many people, I wanted to read it after hearing how good the movie was and I have to say now is that I hope the movie is loosely base on the book and better. Not once did the author say that Pat Peoples was bipolar, just that he had a mental illness, so I blame myself for letting information about the movie influence my opinion of the book because for most of the book I thought he was suppose to be bipolar and it wasn't an accurate description of it but he isn't just some kind of mental illness that the readers are not told. Pat didn't always have this mental illness either so it is something that is newly effecting him. With that said I disliked how his character thought and talked, almost like he was a pre-schooler, which led me to believe maybe he's mentally challenged now? But no, the book says mentally ill not handicapped. I thought the reason why he went to the "bad place" was obvious from the beginning, I thought what Tiffany was doing was also obvious when it started. I wish more of the book was about his relationship with her while they were training for the dance, the author goes in great detail about the Eagles to the point where its beyond what the reader needs to know, but this part is rushed through. I did enjoy the ending, it is probably the only redeeming part of the book that makes it worth the buy. Finally, I don't understand how people find the book funny, Pat is obviously struggling throughout most of the book and kind of delusional, it's sad, not funny.