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Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy Never have I been so glad to finish a book. I love big books and I can get through them pretty fast but Anna Karenina took me forever because it was just so slow moving. Lots of characters to get confused. Some of the best parts of the book I was looking forward to, Anna and Vronsky finally being together were completely blown over and didn't know until she was pregnant. Then the rest of the book is her going back and forth on what to do stay with her husband or leave with her lover, when she finally makes that decision she's going back and forth on her feelings for Vronsky and what to do about her ex-husband. Really? Make a fucking decision already. Of course the other characters go through their own drama which was slightly better because it actually went somewhere. Kitty and Levin's relationship was the best part of the book and wished it focused more. Never plan to read this book again.