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Life After Life - Kate Atkinson So what was the fucking point? The entire book is about how different factors and events in Ursula's life changes it with the most important one being World War 2. We see her life over and over again, first she keeps dying and has to restart her life, but because she vaguely knows that by doing the action that killed her last time she gets a feeling to stay away from that or has to change something in that moment. I liked that, it was also clear where the story was going, she's going to prevent World War 2. I liked that she figured this out on her own and it wasn't really explained why she kept dying and coming back, i.e., it wasn't some master plan and didn't take a sci-fi turn. We have a large amount of the book dedicated to how different choices affect her life during World War 2 and she figures out the best way to prevent these out comes is to kill Hitler. When she finally does it she kills herself! What was the point then? She didn't come back and do it again. So we never see the results of her killing Hitler, thus making this whole book pointless especially since she restarts her life again and didn't kill Hitler that time (nothing indicates in the final life we see that she did kill Hitler again and WWII happened anyways). Either end it with her killing Hitler and she doesn't come back because she fulfilled her purpose or keep having her come back to kill Hitler. I liked the characters and how they changed and didn't change throughout different scenario's for Ursula's life. Other then the characters I was very disappointed with the ending of the book because the rest of the book was very well done.