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Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot - Martin Dugard, Bill O'Reilly Really enjoyed Killing Kennedy. As someone who wasn't alive when he was president, I knew the basics of his life and what happened but this went a bit more in depth in a entertaining way. It wasn't the history textbook story that I've read numerous times over the years, but a more personal feel to the story. You got a bit of background of JFKs like without it going overboard to get a sense of his character more. It included some of the major issues in his presidency and also about his affairs. We all know JFK was a cheat but I think the book shows how much he cared for his wife. Also got a good glimpse at Oswald's life leading up to 11/22/63 and where his mind was going before it happened. The book is also very detailed about the actual shooting, speed of the car, directions, errors made, little things that all had to line up in order for the president to be killed. It's sad and mind blowing to know that a few hours before it was raining and they would of had the bubble on top of the car but it ended up being a sunny day, that small event could of changed history. I liked how it did touch base on some of the conspiracy theories out there and why they came up. I wish that part of would been in more detail, especially at the end where we find out people who were going to testify of be interviewed ended up getting killed/killed themselves shortly before. Very glad I read this book and was surprised that Bill O'Riley can come off as a sane human being.