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And the Mountains Echoed - Khaled Hosseini Really glad I read And the Mountains Echoed. Hosseini is a good writer, can go a bit overboard with events that are meant to tug at peoples heartstrings, but he greatly improved with this book. It all starts with 1 event, bother and sister are separated at a young age. The book deals with various characters who are effected by this and finally at the end they are reunited. I love the ending, not cheesy where Abdullah can tell who she is right away and not even after she is there a month can he due to his old age and alzheimers. It was a little confusing at times remembering who this person was that was getting chapter because sometimes they were just mentioned in 1 sentence chapters ago or you'l fnd out who they are/how they relate to the siblings being split up in the last chapter. Overall a really good book, I hope Hosseini rights more.