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Inferno - Dan Brown A decent plot line ruined by shitty writing. This is my first Dan Brown book I've read and I don't get the hype at all. A professor wakes up in a hospital not remembering the past few days and all hell breaks lose. Someone comes in with a gun, Robert and a doctor run off realizing people are after him then realize his own government is after him. It all has to do with a message about population control and Dante's Inferno. You read 300 pages of the book and then find out within the last 100 that nothing is what it seems, everyone you were made out to believe was a "good guy" isn't and basically no one is who they were portrayed they are. This is not shocking or twisting, this is just the author being deceiving in his writing to make the readers think one thing because that is how he tells it and then does a 180 with the character not leaving any context in the previous chapters to back this up. Besides the "shocking twist" the rest of the book is filled with awful one liners like the characters on a bad 80s detective show and endless pages describing art and surroundings. Fascinating... The actual plot is decent, odd-ball scientist who has a weird obsession with Dante and the black plague thinks population is growing too fast and needs to be solved right away. Rather than go about in a rational or non melodramatic way he plans out a search using Dante's Inferno as the map to lead where he planted his engineered virus to solve over-poplulation. Which leads to the recruitment of Robert Langdon to solve the map while having a organization block him from doing so by deceiving him but still want him to solve it for them. I like how at the end it was too late, only redeeming quality about the end of the novel. This is not something I plan to reread and will definitely not read anymore Dan Brown books.