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Son of a Witch - Gregory Maguire, Douglas Smith Son of a Witch is a great sequel to Wicked. You find out what Liir gets into right after Elphaba's death and decades after with one thing on his mind, Nor. This book definitely has more of a plot than Wicked that doesn't just fizzle out constantly. Son of a Witch also made Wicked seem better and more understandable. Elphaba always wanted to accomplish something for the Animals and against the government of Oz but she didn't in a sense, plans were ruined, stuff came up and so on but her ideas live on in Liir and he does accomplish something whether he meant to or not. The only disappointment I had is that Nor is his driving force for a lot of the things he does and all we get in the end is that she is alive, no meeting, he doesn't actually find her just realizes some handwriting he saw in the city was hers. Kind of let down. I loved how he found out he is for sure he is Elphaba's son, his daughter is green! No confusing that lol, His entire life he wasn't sure and dismissed it, but now he knows. I definitely plan to finish the series.