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The Fault in Our Stars - John Green I am surprised by The Fault In Our Stars. I avoided reading it for the longest time because its YA and lately I've been annoyed by that genre. It was good, a little obvious, but still good. I don't relate to this book at all, I'm not a teen who has cancer or in love with a person who has cancer, I'm not going to try to relate to a book like this with these characters, it's insulting. I enjoyed the story for what it is a love story between cancer patients who aren't into the whole hopeful bullshit. Only thing I didn't like about the book was how they kept including the Van Houten character past the trip to Amsterdam, like really? He's going to visit the US for the funeral after he was such a dick. Yeah he had a daughter with cancer that explain his attitude and such but still, that's not realistic and felt like if you are going to talk about how his own book in the novel felt incomplete, let his character be incomplete by not having him pop up all the time, not everything needs to be explained and wrapped up in a cheesy fashion. Besides that, it was a good read. Sad and sweet