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My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick My Life Next Door is a cute, light summer read. It's about a girl named Samantha who live with her over the top single mother that is running for Senate and Jase, the boy next door who has a lot of siblings. Sam's mother is very judgmental of the Garrett's, Sam sits outside to watch them often while growing up to see the chaotic world they live in with so many people. One day Jase comes up to her while shes outside and they fall in love, she gets more involved with his family while she never introduces him to her friends or mother, when she finally does it's surprising. Then the book takes a weird turn that I found unnecessary. Sam's mom hits and run Jase's father one night with Sam in the car but she's asleep. Sam is unsure if it was her mom when she hears Mr Garrett is hurt, realizes it is, confronts her, threatened not to tell by her mom's boyfrined, breaks up with Jase, tells him, back together, her mom finally confesses and drops out of the Senate race. Okay.

I liked the start of this book because Sam and Jase seem like normal teenagers and their relationship comes off as real. There is nothing supernatural, no drama, no over the top romantic gestures. Just them and their growing relationship over the summer. The real plot through out the beginning of the book is how will Sam's mom react if/when she finds out she's dating Jase, but instead that part is just glossed over and the book goes off in a tangent with the hit and run. I didn't care for that part at all, why can't the book just be about their relationship and her mom's reaction? Or even take it a step further and have Sam get pregnant and Jase takes off like her dad did, that's what I expected to happen. Or at least nothing as dramatic as a hit and run lol. 3.5/5