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Joyland - Stephen King Too much carny, not enough mystery. Plain and simple, the book focuses way too much On Dev's life and the carny way. A girl dies 4 years ago on one of the rides and is haunting the place. Dev is curious about this and is using it as a distraction to get over his first love but he doesn't do any of the work himself yet he figures it out. The reader pretty much has no clue, sure everyone suspects everyone and it crosses the mind that friendly Lane is the killer but just for a second. Even while it's being revealed its pretty fucking unclear who it is until it finally spells it out. So the actual mystery part of the book was annoying, sloppy, and not enough of the plot. It flat out sucks lol, but the rest of the book is pretty decent about Dev and his friendships with fellow workers Erin and Tom and then later on with Annie and Mike, a single mom with a handicap child. But besides the relationships between people, the mystery and ghost feels like filler and a waste of time.