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Tampa - Alissa Nutting Tampa is a disgusting and vile book, which is actually a good thing when it's subject matter is middle school teacher preying on young boys to groom for her sexual desires. The author does not hold back on disgusting fantasies and thoughts running through Celeste Price mind. I think the author really did a good job on having the main character know she likes something she shouldn't and is a pervert, but doesn't really care. The book kind of falls apart halfway through. Price pretending to be interested in Buck, her student's father, in order to get more time and an excuse if she is caught there, not terribly unrealistic but pushing it. Then it goes to Price bringing another student to her ex-student's house, that does not make sense at all especially when she planned and was careful so much before. The trial part kind of redeems the book. Price pretty much gets a slap on the wrist for what she has done. Let's face it, society doesn't see women who have sex with underage boys as awful as they see men who do the same thing with young girls. It's not right, but it is how it is sadly, so the outcome of her trial made sense and what she did after it does too.