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The Martian - Andy Weir This book. What can I saw about this book other than it is fucking amazing and makes you feel FEELINGS. The Martian is fantastic. Mark Watney is a genius, but also talks like a everyday person (maybe a everyday nerd?) and reacts to shit on Mars like I would (minus the inventing things to survive, I’d never make it lol). He doesn’t give up hope, but is also realistic about his odds of living. He’s voice is very well written and it makes his personality come through. I enjoyed the descriptions of what he was seeing and how detailed he went into his plans, I might not of understood all the science behind it but I liked seeing it included. The other characters don’t get much time to really make a deep impression, but you get the picture of them and understand they are in a terrible situation as well, both the fellow astronauts and people down on earth at NASA. The plot is great, man stuck on Mars, the world is watching as NASA tries to get him back. What’s not to like!

Now I’m going to talk about some of those feelings so there will be spoilers. I kept telling myself Mark was fucked. No way he was going to make it back, I didn’t even think he would get to communicate with NASA. Then hope starts to build, Mark is resilient and resourceful, HE CAN DO THIS! But shit keeps happening and your back to no no no no he’s fucked. BUT THIS IS MARK WATNEY, he’s going to solve the problem, explain it and joke about it then move on. That ending tore me up. I had tears of joy. I love that and it doesn’t happen often. Usually tears only occur at sad endings, but Mark lived and he got off Mars. I was done. This book is perfect.

To sum it up, The Martian is a fucking roller coaster ride for your emotions.