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Euphoria - Lily King Euphoria is so good! It took a few pages to get into the story and understand what was going on like understanding who is who, where they are and what they do. Once you get that down though, you are sucked in. I had to pace myself and not rush to finish the book in a night (made myself go to sleep). The main characters Nell, Fen and Bankson are anthropologist in New Guinea during the 30s. I know very little about anthropology, Lily King did great explaining what it is and showed how the three do their work, but honestly it sounds like boring work but she makes it interesting. Nell and Fen are a toxic couple and Bankson is lonely since he’s been on his own. Fen is selfish and extremely jealous of Nell, and even though Bankson is into his wife and he knows it, having him around helps them get along somewhat better. I loved how into Nell is in her work and so comfortable with the tribes she studies and just genuinely cares about them (especially true towards the end of the book). Wished it was longer!