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Emma - Fiona Stafford, Jane Austen I tried to read Jane Austen (Pride & Prejudice) before and just could not get into it. I wanted to give her another try (as I was gifted a beautiful set of her books) and decided on Emma since it was on a few feminist book list. Emma was great! I loved the characters, could get a good grasp of them all by their dialogue. Although it is during a time I know very little about the characters were still relatable. Emma especially was a good character because she does have faults and beliefs of her own and does not compromise them. I enjoyed the plot, it had a mystery feel trying to find out who was in love with who. The last few chapters were amazing and I was very satisfied with the ending. My only annoyance with the book is rich people whining about rich people problems, it can get annoying how judgmental thee characters are and the classism, but it was a different time, keeping that in mind it makes sense. Can definitely see why Emma is such a classic and a good example of early feminism.