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Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation  - Corey Powell, Bill Nye I grew up very confused about religion and science. The church was teaching us God created Adam & Eve and that lead to us. School was teaching evolution and showing us proof of it with fossils, including dinosaurs. This lead me to think Adam & Eve and all the people around Jesus time were created then somehow destroyed and evolution restarted things, I thought this until I was 9. I think once you have a basic understanding of science (especially evolution) it puts major pressure on your religious beliefs. Science can explain things with proof, it doesn’t guarantee to be right but its making a guess at it using measurable and observable metrics, where as religion you are told just to have faith and not think too deeply about it. Luckily I didn’t learn much about creationism in school, at most it was a definition or a paragraph in my text books that was read and moved on from. Basically I don’t think this book is targeted to me, I already believed in evolution and took advance geology classes that explain some of the more complicated chapters of Undeniable, but I enjoyed the book non the less, it was a refresher for me.

I loved Bill Nye growing up and he writes about science beautifully, can really feel the passion and the way he explains things makes it very understandable. The shade he throws at creationism is hilarious. Undeniable makes me wish Bill Nye will write a text book for evolution, because it is a difficult concept to grasp, but he explains it so well. He explains the history, importance and the possible future of evolution throughout the book and calls out ignorance from religious leaders while doing so. Unfortunately I don’t think the people who need to read this book will because they are stuck in their way, but its great for people who like science or are just curious. If you were a fan of Bill Nye growing up you won’t be disappointed!