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White Oleander - Janet Fitch White Oleander is dark and depressing, but beautifully written. My opinion of Ingrid flowed with Astrid’s feelings that changed as more time passed. You miss her, you hate her, you wish she would go away then suddenly it becomes you want to know shes at least not the biggest piece of shit mother in the world and surprisingly she does care somewhat, Ingrid is just very flawed. Astrid goes though a lot of homes with different dynamics and Astrid working through them to find her place. She discovers who she really is when she is away from her mom and its heartbreaking at times because she can be in a hopeless state of mind thinking she doesn’t deserve to have hope and a future then she actually accepts there are options for her out there only for it to come crashing back down. I felt frustrated at first at the ending, Astrid still wanting to be with Ingrid, but she struggled with that the entire book so it only makes sense for her to want to be back with her mom, but has reservations (rightfully so too). There are parts that are uncomfortable, but that is what makes the novel feel good to read as well as the flow of the words. Highly recommend.