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The Girl on the Train: A Novel - Paula Hawkins I’m left feeling disappointed after reading The Girl on the Train. So much hype and comparisons to Gone Girl (in fact it made me realized I liked Gone Girl more than I originally did and caused me to bump it up star), but it just falls flat to me. All the characters are unreliable messes. The biggest mess being Rachel. I just can’t buy that someone that black out drunk would insert herself in a police investigation just because it involves people she likes to look at from the train. She didn’t remember shit, when she does start to remember it’s all confusing and jumbled up so to me anything she remembers isn’t going to be fully accurate, but she becomes so sure of herself? HOW? Megan and Scott were the sideshow act, they were by far the most interesting part of the story and I wished more of the book focused on them, especially Megan & her affair (could still go into it without letting the reader in on who it was with). Tom & Anna were obviously shady mid-way through the book, to me it became okay it’s one of them who killed Megan, the more obvious choice being Anna (but that’s too obvious).

I did still enjoy reading the book overall, the plot was interesting, but felt bored with the ending and thought the characters were all very similar to each other and could use more depth. Taking the hype out of the picture it’s a decent mystery novel and good start to Paula Hawkins' fiction career.