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Hausfrau: A Novel - Jill Alexander Essbaum K wow. I do not understand the mediocre reviews for Hausfrau. It is beautifully written, the author is a poet and it shows. Its tragic from start to end. Anna’s is depressed and isolated after spending 10 years in Switzerland, she hasn’t connected with anyone and is not part of the community. She has a history of this, but is has become too much. Anna has had affairs and continues to have them, she’s trying to fill a void/pain with sex, but its a short term solution. Her husband Bruno is reserved, she has 3 kids, one that isn’t her husband’s, no close friends in Switzerland or in the US, she’s just going with the flow and its making her miserable. The book is a mixture of past events with her first affair partner (father of her baby girl), her psychiatric meetings, and events unfolding in the present. The last third of the book is painful, the last chapter is beyond words.

Maybe I like Hausfrau because the emotions Anna describes are familiar. I think everyone can find something familiar about being passive to an extent. The book reminded me a lot of The Bell Jar and Anna Karenina, but in a style of it’s own. Highly recommend!